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Guidelines for accepted authors


Authors - Gabriel Yoguel and Analia Erbes

Authors - Jose' A. Borello, Hernan Morhorlang and Diego Silva Failde

Authors - Gustavo Lugones, Diana Suarez, Nestor Le Clech

Authors - Arza, Valeria


Authors - Tigran Arzumanyan, Bardukh Gabrielyan


Authors - Bogdan N.I.


Authors - Conceicao (Connie) Vedovello and Cristina Lemos

Authors - Jose Manoel Carvalho de Mello; Anne Marie Maculan; Thiago Renault

Authors - Marcelo Matos and Helena M. M. Lastres

Authors - Graziela Zucoloto and Jose Eduardo Cassiolato

Authors - Mercy Escalante Ludena, Jose de Jesus Perez Alcazar

Authors - Marina Honorio de Souza Szapiro

Authors - Jorge Britto, Jose Eduardo Cassiolato e Fabio Stallivieri

Authors - Pablo F. Bittencourt, Jose E. Cassiolato, Jorge N. P. Britto, Marcia Rapini

Authors - Eduardo B Viotti and Regina Gusmao

Authors - Marco Vargas, Renato Campos, Jorge Britto, Fabio Stallivieri

Authors - Sarita Albagli and Maria Lucia Maciel


Authors - XIAO Yangao, LIU Ju, LI Ping

Authors - KONG Xinxin, Joel RUET

Authors - Shulin Gu

Costa Rica

Authors - Orozco


Authors - Peter Gammeltoft

Authors - Mammo Muchie
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