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Manuel M Godinho
ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisboa

Noemia C Simoes


The "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Management and Production Systems Engineering Department, Iasi


Yury B. Alferov
NP "Russian Technology Transfer Network", Obninsk

Georgy G. Andereev
Fund of assistance for development the innovation activity of Higher Education, Moscow

Vladimir A. Antropov
The Ural state university of a railway transportation, Ekaterinburg

Sergey M. Arakelyan
Vladimir State University, Vladimir

Nataliya V. Astafeva
Saratov State Technical University, Saratov

Vazgen R. Atoyan
Saratov State Technical University, Saratov

Nikolay Babanov
Department for education of the Nizhni Novgorod Region, Nizhny Novgorod

Lyubov A. Barikina
The Ural state university of a railway transportation, Ekaterinburg

Nikolay V. Beketov
The Institute of regional Economy, The Minisrty of education and science of Russian Federation, Yakutsk

Nina A. Beksaeva
The Saratov State Technical University, Saratov

Tatyana I. Benyushis
НижГУ, Нижний Новгород

Alexandr S. Berdin
USTU, Ekaterinburg

Ivan M. Bortnik
Foundation for Support of SMEs in Science and Technology, Moskow

Nikita A. Borshov
Saratov State Technical University, Saratov

Oleg Y. Butkovsky
Vladimir state university, Vladimir

Oleg I. Butorin
Научно-методический центр по инновационной деятельности высшей школы Министерства образования и науки России при Тверском Государственном университете, Tver

Anna R. Valeeva
Kazan State University, Kazan

Sergey V. Vasyukov
The Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (State Technical University) Volzhskiy branch, Cheboksary

Sergey Y. Glazyev
State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes, Moskow

Marina I. Glukhova
Povolgskaya Academy of Civil Service named after P.A. Stolipin, Saratov

Oleg G. Golichenko
Central Economics&Matematics Institute of RAS,Russian New University (RosNOU), Moscow

Elena B. Goncharova
Saratov State technical university, Saratov

Yury F. Gortishov
Казанский государственный технический университет им. А.Н.Туполева, Kazan

Natalya V. Grokholskaya
Saratov State Technical University, Saratov

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