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About Saratov State Technical University
Saratov State Technical University (SSTU) was founded in 1930.
SSTU ranks among the top Russian technical universities for its educational commitment, research academic expertise and innovation activity (14th among 170 Russian technical universities).
More than 30 000 students , 1100 academic staff, 92 Departments, 16 Faculties, 4 institutes, 3 Colleges, Lyceum, International Educational Center, Branches in different towns of Saratov region.

SSTU has years of experience in collaboration with regional industry. The main partners are big companies in electronics, machinery building, civil engineering, chemical processing and oil-industry, energy, information and communication technologies, agriculture and food processing.

Saratov State Technical University has a technopark “Volga-Technics”. The technopark is large integrated research and innovation structure. It comprises 40 small innovation firms affiliated with SSTU. The volume of contract work has been increasing last years. In 2001, it was 37.6 mln. rubles ($1,320 000) and in 2005, it was more than 200 mln. rubles ($7,017 544).