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Call for papers
The conference themes:

1. University-industry-government partnership
Higher education, innovation and economic development
Science parks and building the university-industry link
The role of the university in the learning economy
2. Organizational change, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
Organizational change, innovation and economic transformation.
Measuring organizational change and entrepreneurship: Learning from surveys in other countries
The role of entrepreneurship in emerging innovation systems.
3. Transnational, national, regional and sectoral innovation systems
Regional innovation systems
Sectoral innovation systems and industrial clusters
Global value chains, transnational and national innovation systems
4. Evolutionary economics, economic development and economic transformation
Evolutionary economics, public policy and welfare
The evolutionary foundation of innovation system analysis
Economic development and transformation in the light of evolutionary economics
5. The social dimension of the learning economy
Social capital and economic development
New perspectives on innovation, growth, social needs and equity
Innovation for broad-based development innovation in informal sectors
6. Public policy and markets in the context of global competition
The role of institutions and market competition in transformation and innovation
FDI, spill-overs and the fostering of indigenous innovation capabilities
BRICS and international co-operation in science and technology

Abstracts proposal
Potential participants should fill in the form under Application (abstract proposal). and supply a detailed abstract of at least 1000 words as soon as possible and no later than May 1, 2007. Acceptance of participation is based on a review by the Conference Scientific Committee upon novelty, academic quality and relevance to the themes of the conference and accepted paper writers will be informed by May 10, 2007.

Accepted participants must develop full texts and submit them before JUNE 20, 2007.
Please, keep this date! It is necessary because most of Russian publishing companies have long summer vacations and we are afraid to have too short period for publishing conference materials.

All papers will be placed on this Website.
Abstracts should be typed single-spaced in English, minimum Word 6/0 or RTF, Times New Roman 14, left, right, top and bottom margins are 2.5 sm, justified alignment.
Abstracts can be downloaded through the Conference website during on-line registration or sent by e-mail to the address globelics2007@sstu.ru.

As has been the case for the first four GLOBELICS Conferences, arrangements are made to publish selected contributions in special issues of leading journals in the field, and presumably in an edited book published by an international publisher. These publications are expected to come out in 2008.