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14.09.2007Attention! For the participants of the conference.
The air-plain tickets on flights “Moscow – Saratov” reserved for the participants of the conference you can buy at the airport «Domodedovo» in the ticket office N 10.

22.08.2007Dear participants!
This is a preliminary draft of conference program. Please, read and give your comments.

20.08.2007Attention! For the participants of the conference.

Local organizing committee globelics gives the best way to travel to Saratov.

11.08.2007Dear Participants,
The necessary information for Russian visa application is following:

Address of organization to be visited:
Saratov State Technical University 410054 Russia, Saratov, Politechnicheskaya Street, 77

Name and telephone number of contact person there: Elena Kuzmicheva, tel +7-8452-52-66-58, fax +7 8452 50 68 48
Name and address of the hotel where you will stay:
“Slovakia” hotel, Russia, Saratov, Lermontova Street, 30. tel. +7-8452-23-76-18

12.07.20071) Dear Participants,
- As far as the booking of planel train tickets from Moscow to Saratov is conserned, it is necessary for us to obtain your detailed travelling information (transfer from your location to Moscow). Only having the details of your travel (date , time, place of departure abd arrival) Local Organizing Committee will be able to book your domestic flight\train tickets in Russia. Those of you who have not sent us this information yet, please, do it as soon as possible, so we can speed up the process.

- The Russian welcome service group will be meeting all of the participants upon the arrival in Moscow airports.

2) Dear Participants,
- Preparation of federal invitations for you is in progress. As soon as all necessary paperwork is done by the migration office your federal invitations will be sent to your e-mail adress. The paperwork progress is rather time – consuming in Russia, so please don’t worry if it takes longer than you have thought.
- Those of the participants, who have not sent us the necessary visa documents, please do this as soon as possible.
26.06.2007Dear participants,
Please, go to “Visa matters” for a more detailed information on obtaining the Russian visa.
25.05.2007Dear authors with accepted papers!
You should mention that Local Organizing committee will cover the hospitality only for one of the authors of the paper.
Extension of deadline for visas forms submission to 10 JUNE, 2007
15.05.2007Dear Colleagues, we inform you that expertise of abstracts is going on.
We will inform all accepted authors as soon as it will be possible.

Extension of deadline to 1th May: 5th Globelics International Conference

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We have had a very encouraging response from the call for papers for the 5th Globelics Conference scheduled for 19-23 September 2006 in Saratov, Russia, to be jointly organized by Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, Federal Agency of Science and Innovation, Government of Saratov region and Saratov State Technical University.
However, since several colleagues have asked for more time to submit their abstracts, we are extending the deadline for abstract submission to May 1, 2007. Those who have already submitted may please note that the decision of the Scientific Committee, regarding the acceptance of you abstract will be made before May 10.

We would very much like to see you in Saratov for the Conference and urge you to submit your abstract. The Organizing Committee will provide local hospitality to all those with accepted abstracts who deliver full papers before the deadline.

The themes of the conference include:
1. University-industry-government partnership
2. Organizational change, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
3. Transnational, national, regional and sectoral innovation systems
4. Evolutionary economics, economic development and economictransformation
5. The social dimension of the learning economy
6. Public policy and markets in the context of global competition

Looking forward to seeing you in Saratov!
Today - December 19 2018
Now (in Saratov) - 12:17:13 PM