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Conference venue
The venue of the conference will be in Saratov, the beautiful city of the Volga Region.
Saratov was founded in 1590.
Population more than 850 thousand people.
Machinery building
Chemistry and petro-chemistry
Information and Communication Technologies
Agriculture and Food processing
Science & Education
6 institutes of Russian Academy of Science, 21 research institutes, 12 universities, 2 academies.

How to reach Saratov

Now there is good air connection of Moscow with all important airports in almost all countries, directly or through connecting flights (for example, with Lufthansa).
As to journey to Saratov, there is good connection between Saratov and Moscow by plain, by train and by bus. Now there are 2 regular everyday flights Saratov-Moscow-Saratov from Moscow airport Domodedovo (on the morning and at the evening, about 1.5 hours) and a number of additional flights on the curtain days. Ticket price is about 100 (E)-240 (B) USD. In addition, there are irregular flights Saratov-Hanover-Saratov and Saratov-Frankfurt-Saratov on the curtain days.
There are a number of trains from and via Saratov to Moscow. Most of these trains depart from Saratov and Moscow in the evening and arrive on the morning; the journey takes about 16-18 hours. A number of buses go from Saratov to Moscow but it is possibly too hard (12 hours).
In addition to this, there is summer way Moscow-Saratov-Moscow by river cruise ship. It is very nice but long journey (about 7 days) along the river Volga.

Accommodation and travel arrangement
The Conference will provide for invited international participants WHO HAVE DELIVERED FULL TEXTS OF PAPERS BEFORE THE DEADLINE four conference days- accommodations including hotel, food and airport transfers. International participants should be prepared to pay for additional days of stay in Russia for city tour and other social events.
GLOBELICS board is trying to mobilize resources for providing some travel support for participants from developing countries. Those who are in need may contact Prof Lundvall bal@business.aau.dk