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Àbout Russianlics
In line with the Resolution of the International Conference “GLOBELICS RUSSIA-2007” a non-profit partnership Scientific Research Organization “Academy Innovatice GLOBELICS-R” (RUSSIANLICS, Academy Innovatice) was established and registered in 2009. Academy Innovatice is the Russian branch of the International research network GLOBELICS. Academician S. Glaziev (also a member of the GLOBELICS Scientific Board) was elected Head of the RUSSIANLICS Scientific Board. He is also a staff member of the Eurasian Economic Community Integration Committee set up by Heads of States).

Members of the GLOBELICS Scientific Board have the following rights:
1. Participate in International Forums focusing on GLOBELICS issues.
2. Participate in the activities of Institutes for young scholars (“GLOBELICS – ACADEMY, Tampere, Lisbon, Moscow-Saratov).
3. Host the GLOBELICS outstanding scholars as part of their research-, educational- and practical work aimed at designing innovation systems.
4. Establish collaborative ties with GLOBELICS member states to resolve problems of mutual interest.
5. Assist with the publication of research materials by the GLOBELICS publishing agencies and by the publishing agencies of the GLOBELICS member states.
6. Present the results of their research and practical developments in the journal “Innovation Activities” (currently issued in Saratov) which is to come out as GLOBELICS- RUSSIANLICS collaborative project.
7. Support the training of academics with the leading universities, manufacturing companies and scientific institutions of the GLOBELICS states.
8. Find partners within GLOBELICS member states to pursue cooperation in working out and launching international projects.

Being a legal entity Academy Innovatice participated in setting up the Centre for High Technology Development, which is one of the core elements of Eurasian system of innovation. It was established in line with the Protocol of an informal summit of the Presidents of Armenia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russian Federation and Tadjikistan as of 19-21 December 2008 (Item 3), and in line with the Resolution of the EurAsEC Interstate Council (adopted by Heads of States) as of 4 February 2009 ¹ 416 “On Establishment of the Centre for EurAsEC High Tech Development”.
A draft of the concept for an interstate target-oriented program “Eurasian System of Innovation” has been worked out in line with the Resolution of EurASEC Interstate Council (adopted by Heads of States) as of 10 October 2008 ¹ 379 “On 2008-2010 Measures to Pursue Prioritized Areas in EurASEC Development” (Item 11.3).

Within the EurASEC framework Academy Innovatice members are enabled to do the following:
1. Cooperate with the Centre for EurASEC High Tech for joint developments made within the Program of Eurasian System of Innovations Development.
2. Initiate ideas and collaborate to carry out joint developments in particular innovation areas.
3. Join effort in setting up innovation centres on the regional, state and interstate levels which might help coordinate activities and give every support to innovators. Work further to fulfill the main stages, starting from transforming an innovation idea into an innovation project attractive for investors, manufacturers and customers, and ending up by designing and wide-scale manufacturing of new and competitive products. This will require setting up a network of technology parks, business incubators, centres for technologies, etc. in the regions with developed infrastructure which helps facilitate innovation processes and encourage competition.

4. Take part in the development and launching the project related to the regional system of innovation.
5. Using the expertise acquired through the Academy Innovatice, induce interactions within the innovation sphere in order to inspire more efficient use of ideas, spread knowledge and technologies, and use scientific and technical achievements for commercial purposes.
Academy Innovatices together with the Centre for High Tech Development is planning the following activities.
Identify priorities related to spreading innovation across the entrepreneurship sphere, and in the first place identify those which are interlinked with the priorities in the social and economic spheres of a state, territory or region. Develop the database to launch innovation projects on prioritized areas with the view to form the basis for Innovative Development Program. Help join the effort of governmental agencies and public organizations supporting innovation businesses, entrepreneurs and merchandisers in order to increase the potential for the growth of high tech branches of economy creating the basis for social and economic development.
Create favourable conditions to attract investments into the innovation sphere; assist in designing mechanisms for funding innovation programs and projects; assist research organizations and enterprises in setting up joint innovation projects.
Favour training academics and engineers in such areas as Innovations Management and Intellectual Property Security; provide assistance in introducing the new fields of specialization, such as “Innovations Management” and “Innovatices” to start training specialists in the particular areas at Saratov universities.
Conduct overall marketing research and sociological monitoring to shape an interstate market of innovation services and estimate its turnover. Favour proposals for the development of an infrastructure providing effectiveness of innovation processes and securing the information, expert, financial and economic system.
Work out financial- and- investment mechanisms providing investment pools needed for the programs of innovation development, innovation funds, which might function as asset management companies securing pools; set up venture companies accumulating venture capital.
Support creating leasing mechanisms, franchising, and setting up partnerships for mutual crediting.
Encourage activities of the existing financial institutions and establish new ones to provide credits for research and product developments, as well as for innovations in entrepreneurship sphere.
Academy Innovatices suggests that all its members should start working on the draft of the Project aimed at setting up innovation clusters which might be created on the basis of research - educational and industrial organizations all across the Russian Federation. These regional-, interregional- and federal-level clusters will make part of the structure of the EurASEC System of Innovations on a corporate basis.

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